Garden Patio Ideas

patio ideas

Almost every American homeowner wants to have a patio in their backyard. Well, who doesn’t? Having a patio in your garden does not only bring out the beauty of your home but it is also a wonderful place for recreation and relaxation. In fact, it is the best area in the house to bond with your family and friends.


And due to its popularity, there are so many patio ideas available online and in magazines and other print media. But if you are worried about the high rates of contractors, you may opt to do it yourself. That’s right. Many of these patio ideas available can be done by any average builder. In fact, it can be performed by anyone even without prior experience to landscaping.


Patio Ideas: Materials


You don’t have to be an expert builder to bring your patio ideas to life. You just have to find a great plan and design, which contains all the materials and procedures. Today, most of the patio ideas and plans for design that you can find online are very detailed. Aside from the procedure, these plans have recommended materials and measurements to translate these patio ideas to your garden.


The key to staying in your budget while creating a beautiful patio is to do some research. Browse for alternative brands for textiles, which are cost efficient and durable at the same time. Don’t go for items that are on bargain without finding out its quality. You can see forums and blog reviews to know if these inexpensive materials are suitable alternatives.


Generally, here are the tools and equipments to lay a patio:


  • Shovel
  • Wheelbarrow
  • Rake
  • Rubber mallet
  • Bolster chisel
  • Pointing Trowel
  • Wood plank
  • Spirit level
  • Wacker plate
  • Wooden pegs


It is not required to have high powered equipment. However, these tools can help speed up the process.


Tips and Patio Ideas


The best thing about do it yourself patio ideas and design is that you can personalize it. If you copy a design from a book or an online website, or even have the contractor draw one for you, it may not end up the way you want your patio to be. But if you come up with your own patio ideas, you can inject the ideas that you want. You can literally go wild with your imagination.

One of the frequently liked patio ideas is the combination of stone patio and wooden deck. This is a common patio design, which is preferred by many homeowners due to its sophistication. You may stick with the plain, traditional idea of having a patio and deck or have a twist.


If you want, you can add swings and rocking chairs or bean bags in your patio. You can also come up with a theme for your garden area such as Zen garden, yoga & meditation area, Victorian era, and outdoor kitchen. There are so many more patio ideas that you can play around with.

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