How to Lay a Patio and its Basic Steps

 How to Lay a Patio

It is a homemaker’s dream to have their own patio in their garden or in any open space they have in their home. It brings out the elegance and beauty of the open space. It is not difficult to learn how to lay a patio. You don’t need to have extensive training or experience in landscaping. All you need to do is to have the right tools and materials needed on how to lay a patio.

Basic Steps on How to Lay a Patio

  • On learning how to lay a patio first, you have to choose an area of where to lay your patio. You should also plan ahead of the area size of where to lay your patio, for exact estimation of slabs needed for the allotted area.
  • Clean and allow a space for your hardcore,  paving slabs and mortar for at least 15 cm. In this step on how to lay a patio, lay 5-8 cm hardcore and distribute it and level it out by using a rake.
  • To level the hardcore, you must compact and level it using a wacker plate.
  • Dig wooden pegs deeply in the ground by slowly hammering it. They should be on the same level or heights to mark the patio surface. You have to make sire that they are greatly even with a paving and/or manhole covers.
  •  To create a unique design, place several slabs on the ground to distinguish which slabs best interlock together. To help you out with the design, make some paper cut-outs as representation of scaled-down slabs.
  • Using a mortar mix, lay slabs on a bed of mortar 5-8 cm deep by pressing it down with your hands.
  • Leave at least 1 cm gap between each stab, this is to place mortar in between for its strong hold and durability.  Make sure that the slabs are in level with the pegs you placed earlier.
  • To have a beautiful patio, edge it with stone bricks laid on a 5-8 cm layer of mortar, pressing them closely together. For a clean fit, use a hammer and chisel to break the excess stone bricks when necessary.
  • Wash the slabs and get rid of the splattered mortar. Golden rule on how to lay a patio: do not let it harden or else it will stain the patio.
  • Fill the gaps of your paving slabs with the mortar.

Finishing Touches on How to Lay a Patio

After reading the guidelines on how to lay a patio, the next is to know the finishing touches of how to lay a patio.

  • Leave it for 24 to 48 hours enough for the mortar to dry-off and harden.
  • Never walk over the unfinished patio. Do not also try putting anything on it before the time allotted if you want to have your mortar and stab set exactly the way you put it.
  • When the mortars under slabs are dry,  fill the slabs’ gaps with mortar with the use of a trowel. Make sure the joints are leveled. This drains the water away efficiently. This is probably the most important note you should remember on how to lay a patio.

And that’s it! You’re done on how to lay a patio.

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