How to Lay a Patio in a Few Steps

 how to lay a patio

Indeed, it is every homeowner’s dream to lay a patio in their own house. Especially if you have a big space in the backyard or a garden, you may want to install a stone walkway or a patio to make it a little more attractive and beautiful to visitors and neighbors. A patio can be your own little space to have fun. It can be your place to relax and be creative with the family.


But actually, having a patio in the house does not need to be expensive. In fact, you can have a DIY project patio. You can find so many instructions online on how to lay a patio even without prior experience to building and construction.


How to Lay a Patio


In learning how to lay a patio, first step is to choose an area of where to install it. Plan beforehand the area size. This should determine the exact estimation of slabs needed for the allotted area.


Clear the area of turf, grass and dirt. Allow room for the hardcore, mortar and paving slabs for at least 15 cm. Lay 5-8 cm hardcore and distribute it and level it out by using a rake. To level the hardcore, you must compress it and level with a wacker plate.


Hammer wooden pegs into the ground. All pegs should be on the same level or heights to mark the surface of the patio. You have to make sire that they are greatly even with any existing paving and manhole covers.


With a mortar mix, lay slabs on a bed of mortar 5-8 cm deep by pressing it down with your hands or with a hammer. Leave at least 1 cm gap between each stab. Then, put in the mortar between for a stronger hold.  Ensure that the slabs are leveled with the pegs.


Edge it with stone bricks laid on a 5-8 cm layer of mortar. Press them closely together. Wash down the slabs and get rid of the splattered mortar before it hardens. Fill the gaps between the paving slabs using the mortar.


How to Lay a Patio: Finishing Touches


Leave your patio for 24 to 48 hours enough for the mortar to dry-off and harden. Don’t walk on the patio or put anything on it before it dries completely. You don’t want your patio ending up like a disaster. When the mortars under slabs are dry you can fill the gaps between the slabs the mortar using a trowel, leveling the joints off. This allows the water to drain away more efficiently from the patio.


The important part in learning how to lay a patio is maintenance. Make sure you check the patio constantly if it’s sturdy and not shaking. If it is a little unstable, you may want to pour in sand and water for it to harden. And that’s it! It is very easy and you don’t even have to have an experience in building. You’re done on learning about how to lay a patio.


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