How to Lay a Patio in Seven Steps

how to lay a patio

It is quite easy to learn how to lay a patio. Actually, you don’t have to be an experienced builder in doing this. You just have to have the right tools and materials in order to finish your project as perfectly as those who are paid to lay a patio.


A patio is generally that small area in your garden where you can chill and be with friends and family. It is that area where you can relax or have a fun activity with your whole family. Some even treat this place as their comfort zone.  If you have a large space in the back yard or garden, laying a patio there can transform it from boring to fun and exciting.


How to Lay a Patio


If you have zero experience in building, don’t worry. You need not to be a professional builder in learning how to lay a patio. In fact, it is one of the simplest construction projects that you can do at home. You just have to have the right materials and tools to complete your project.


1. Measure – Determine the area your patio. By measuring the area, you can have a rough estimate of the amount of material that you will need.


2. Materials – Choose your design and estimate how many you will need based on the measurements. Most dealers can help you know what you need for your project. Make sure you bring in your measurements and show them to these experts.


3. Prepare the area – Use a shovel to clear the space and dig about 8 inches deep. For better support, lay landscape fabric down before pouring the gravel.


4. Put in the gravel – Using a 2 x 4, grade the base of the patio to create a sloped runoff for water. Make sure it drives the water away from your house. If your gravel is dry, use your garden hose to wet it so that you can pack it better.


5. Sand – Pour mason sand and grade the patio area once again. You should only be adding less than half of an inch of sand. This will fill in any cracks and give you a smooth finish to work with.


6. Pavers – Lay your pavers down as according to your pattern. Keep all stones as close together as possible.


7. Finishing Touches – Secure a plastic edge restraint with spikes that are spaced about 2 feet apart. Pour fine mason sand on the patio and sweep it into any cracks. Fill the edges with black dirt and either finish with edging or lay grass seed where desired.



Last Tips on How to Lay a Patio


Some patio patterns have their own specific instructions. Make sure you follow these instructions carefully. You may also want to get some help from friends and family. This way, you can ensure that your project is accomplished in a jiffy. And that’s it! Learning how to lay a patio is easy.

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