How to Lay a Patio in Your Backyard

How to Lay a Patio

A patio does not only add beauty and elegance in your backyard. It also provides a great place for recreation and relaxation with friends and family. Some people consider their patio as their personal space where they could think and reflect on their lives.

Most of us think that we have to be excellent builders and construction engineers to build a patio for our backyard or be experienced in landscaping. Actually, the steps on how to lay a patio are quite easy to follow. In fact, you don’t really need to have any prior experience on this if you want to have a patio in your garden.

Materials You Should Have to Complete the Procedure on How to Lay a Patio

Here’s a list of the materials we used:


  • Hardcore material, building sand, cement mixer
  • Paving,
  • Shovel, rake, wheelbarrow
  • paviours
  • Wooden pegs,  spirit level, hammer, wacker plate, plank of wood
  • Bolster
  • Rubber mallet
  • Chisel
  • Cement
  • Pointing trowel


Easy Instructions on How to Lay a Patio in your backyard

The first thing you should do is to clean or wash the area you have designated for a patio. Remove any turf and plants. Make sure you have measured the land area to at least 15cm depth. This area should be dedicated for the mortar,  hardcore and  slabs. Lay 5 cms of hardcore. Distribute it with a rake and even out bumps.

Next step on how to lay a patio is to compact and level the hardcore by using a wacker plate. This will make the base solid and help stop the rubble moving as you lay the slabs.

The third step on how to lay a patio is hammering wooden pegs into the ground. Ensure that the pegs are installed at the same height to mark the paio’s surface level. Level them with the existing paving as well as the manhole covers.

Lay several slabs on the ground and see which shapes match each other. You can also use cut pieces of paper to scale-down slabs and plan a design. Make a mortar mix and lay slabs on a bed of mortar (5 to 8cm deep). The mix should be five parts building sand to one part cement. Tap down each slab firmly with a rubber mullet.

The next step on how to lay a patio is to make a gap about 1cm between each slab. Use a plank wood to ensure that the slabs are leveled evenly with the pegs. Edge your garden patio by laying paviours on 5 to 6 cm of mortar. Break the paviours (if it is really necessary) by using a bolster chisel or a hammer. Once you’re finished, wash the slabs. Remove the mortar scattered before it hardens.

The last step on how to lay a patio is to fill gaps in the paving slabs with a trowel and the mortar mix. Remember to avoid getting mortar splatter on the surfaces of the slabs.

By following these easy steps on how to lay a patio, you can enjoy the convenience of having a patio in your own home.

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