How to Lay a Patio with Flagstone

how to lay a patio

A patio is a small area in your house that you can transform into your own little relaxation spot. Every homeowner has dreamed of having a patio in their front yard or garden. It is undeniable how common it is for every residence to have this little space as their most favorite spot at home. But if you think it is expensive to lay a patio at home, think again. You can quickly learn how to lay a patio by yourself and not hire a professional.


There are plenty of tips and techniques online on how to lay a patio. In fact, you don’t really have to be an experienced builder to build one. All you need to have is the essentials and the instructions and you’re good to go.


How to Lay a Patio


It is quite easy to learn how to lay a patio with flagstones. Flagstone is one of the most common stones used in building patios.


First step is to find a good place where you want to build your patio. Then, take measurements to determine how big you want it to be.


Next step on how to lay a patio, place some wooden stakes in the ground. Put it in all corners of the area. Connect the stakes with some twine or ropes. Start digging. Dig deep enough space for about 4 inches of gravel and 2 inches of sand.


Put down the gravel. Pour about 4 inches thick. Try to get it as flat and as even as you can. You may use a leveler or wood.


Then, lay enough landscaping fabric over the whole area. This can help stop weeds from growing. Start pouring about 2 inches of sand. Lightly spray the sand with a water hose then use a 2 x 4 wood to level out the sand.


Now you can start thinking of fancy designs to incorporate in your patio. It’s easier to do few flagstones at a time. Pound each of them into the sand with a rubber mallet. However, don’t hit too hard. You might break the stones. You can use a straight edge to keep all stones leveled.


Next step on how to lay a patio is to cover the stones with another layer of sand. You can use an old broom to smooth the sand and get it between the flagstones. Take the hose and spray with water. Let the sand dry. After, put some more dry sand. Sweep it with a broom. Do this step until you get all your flagstones laid where you want them securely in the sand.


Last Tips on How to Lay a Patio


And it is that easy to learn how to lay a patio. You may do it by yourself or get help from friends and family. Tip: bring your measurements to the hardware store and ask for assistance. These experts can safely guide you in choosing the right material to use for your patio. By following the steps on how to lay a patio, you can quickly transform your garden into art.

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