How to Lay a Patio with Natural Stones

How to Lay a Patio

A patio made with natural stones can bring out the elegance and splendor of your garden. If you have a vacant lot or a wide open space in your backyard, then, this is the perfect spot to install a patio. Don’t worry, steps on how to lay a patio are very easy to follow. You don’t really need to have in depth experience on construction and building to create a beautiful patio in your backyard.

Before Learning How to Lay a Patio with Natural Stones, Purchase All the Materials Needed First

The traditional flagstone patio is attractive and durable. It also complements a wide range of other landscaping features. On the other hand, there are many other choices you can use to create your patio. Bluestone is a popular alternative, which is a sedimentary rock with a very engaging color. It yields a relatively smooth, flat surface. Fieldstone has a truly distinctive quality. Its surface is rougher or more textured compared to flat stones like slate and bluestone. Another option would be slate, which is a metamorphic rock and is one of the best rocks to use for a patio.

In order to become successful on how to lay a patio without prior experience to building, you need to have all necessary materials and tools.

Easy Steps on How to Lay a Patio with Natural Stones

Since flat stones are generally sold in standard width and length dimensions, you can create any pattern from a simple all-one-size approach to a more complicated design. However, remember that stone dimensions can vary by as much as ½ inch.

First step on how to lay a patio is to measure the design of your patio. Lay it out with stakes and string. For accurate measurements, bring your measurements to a local supplies dealer.  They will give you recommendations which sand, gravel and flagstone to use.

Excavate and dig the ground within the patio layout. Remove any obstruction and clear the area you are planning to install your patio. Take out at least 6 inches of dirt. Most available flagstones are ¾ inch thick.  Prepare room for 5 inches of gravel and sand about half an inch. Make sure the excavated ground is leveled. If you plan to install your patio adjacent or near your home, you should create a gradual slope away from your house. Excavate ¼ inch deeper and deeper every three feet moving away from your house.

Add a five inch gravel (crushed) layer on to the dug up surface. Rake and press the gravel to9 make it compact with a compactor. Add ½ layer of sand and rack it smooth.

Lay the natural stone according to your pattern. Leave ½ inch space between the stone as a mortar line. To cut a natural stone, you should use a masonry blade. Look for the one with diamond chips.

Do the finishing touches on how to lay a patio with natural stones. Sweep the sand in the crevices and deep between each of the stones. Sprinkle water over the stone patio with a garden hose. However, do not directly on the crevices. Directly spraying the water might wash away the sand.

And viola! In these few steps on how to lay a patio, you and your family now have a new recreation area to enjoy!


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