Patio Ideas: Learning without Experience

patio ideas

Do you want to know patio ideas? Certainly, having a patio in the garden or backyard can completely transform your place from boring to strikingly stunning. A patio can be your own little space where you can just relax and have some fun.

While many people believe that you have to pay a professional builder to lay your patio, think again. You can easily be the one to do it. You can learn patio ideas and get the project done for half the value you normally pay the contractor. All you need to have is the important materials and skills to follow directions on patio ideas.

Patio Ideas

Learning patio ideas is not that difficult. This truth is, you can learn it even with zero experience on building and construction. The easiest way to succeed in doing this project is to invest on your materials. Find the best quality materials for your project. While it’s not essential to have high powered tools, it may significantly help in building your patio faster.

Here are the supplies and equipment you need to have before learning patio ideas:

– Materials hardcore

– Building sand

– Cement

– Woburn rumbled paviours

– Shovel, rake, wheelbarrow, wooden level pegs, hammer, spirit level, plank of wood, wacker plate, cement mixer, rubber mallet, bolster chisel, pointing trowel

Patio ideas without Expertise

This easy guide on patio ideas can be done even by those with zero experience in building and construction. By following these steps, you can quickly lay a patio in your garden or in your front yard.

First step on patio ideas is to measure the design of your patio. Put stakes in the 4 corners of your patio. Then tie some strings to determine concise area.

Then, dig deep into the soil. Make sure it is enough to allow for for sand and other materials. Remove all grass, rocks, debris and at least 6 inches of dirt. Make the excavated ground as level as possible. Yet, if your patio is adjacent to your house, make a slope from your house. Dig ¼ inch deeper every 3 feet away from your house.

Add a 5-inch layer of compressed gravel to the dug surface. Rake the gravel and make it leveled. By using a plate compactor, press the gravel until it is snuggled together.

Lay the slabs according to your selected design. Leave at least ½ inch space between the stones as a mortar line. You may have to cut some stones to make them fit in your pattern. You can use a masonry blade with diamond chips on a circular saw for cutting natural stone.

Last, sweep stone dust or sand in to the crevices between the stones. Wet the patio with your garden hose but not directly into the cervices. And that’s it on learning how to lay a patio and patio ideas.

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