Patio Ideas

patio ideas

Are you searching for some patio ideas? Learning how to lay a patio is not as difficult as you think. As a matter of fact, you don’t have to have an experience in building and construction. You can find so many step by step guides online to help you with laying a patio and generating patio ideas.


A patio is a space outside your home, which is generally used for dining and recreation. Many homeowners dreamed of having their own patios because of its functionality as well as it add beauty to any home. If you have an open wide space or garden, you may install a patio there without even hiring a contractor. Just browse for patio ideas and design and you can build your own.


Patio Ideas: Cheap tips


The important thing in laying out a patio is to invest on quality materials. Always stick to what your researched patio ideas and plans. Some people think it is better to purchase bargain items to save money. Hence, not all of these bargain items are durable and efficient. Most of these bargain items are low quality. This is also the reason why it is important to learn which brands are cost efficient and of quality at the same time.


Most patio ideas and plans you can find may contain all the necessary tools and materials that you need to build that particular patio. Hence, here’s a general list of what you need to lay a patio.


  • Shovel
  • Rubber mallet
  • Bolster chisel
  • Pointing trowel
  • Wooden level pegs
  • Plank of wood
  • Spirit level
  • Hammer
  • Wheelbarrow
  • Rake


Make sure you have everything that is listed in your desired patio layout before you start building it.


Patio Ideas: How to lay a patio


Before you generally search for patio ideas online or in architectural magazines, you should have already designated a patio area in your home. Make sure you have already planned where you want your patio to be placed. Once you have decided where in your house you want to lay your patio, it is easier to find the most suitable patio ideas for your space.


After you’ve searched for patio ideas, you can now grab your marker tools such as pegs. Hammer it down into the ground of your desired patio are. Use some strings as guidelines. If you have a spirit level, use it to ensure that everything is leveled.


Start digging the ground to at approximately 6 inches deep. Once you’re done, level the bottom with compacted hardcore up to 4 inches. To make the hardcore compact, you can use a large piece of wood and thump it down repeatedly on the hardcore till it is compressed and leveled. Make sure that the hardcore is leveled.


If you have already stabilized the hardcore foundation, you can now lay the patio slabs. Again, it is vital to keep everything leveled. Tap each of the slab with a rubber mallet to secure its place. On the bright side, beginners may need not to cut their patio slabs. You can find patio ideas that do not require cutting slabs.



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